Satoshi Consultancy Ltd. is an independent consultancy firm that focuses on education about investing and trading digital currencies.

We focus on providing mentorship and personal guidance to learn how to securely earn profits by trading and investing in Cryptocurrencies. It is crucial for us that every person has the opportunity to become successful in this matter at his own level, budget and time schedule.

The ultimate goal of the workshops and private sessions is that our clients can find their way in the market completely independently, with a little push from our community and supervisors, with the tools and knowledge provided.

We are convinced that anyone can be successful in investing in cryptocurrency through strong risk management coupled with strategy with personalized guidance and support.

Personal approach

We adapt to the level of knowledge of our customers. We never condemn mistakes from the past and work together to gather all-round knowledge about every aspect of the cryptocurrency market. We set your personal goals and provide a detailed plan to achieve them.


Our customers get access to our community where all our students share their experiences and knowledge so that everyone can learn from each other. Through mutual support we achieve more as a collective.


Our educators share their skills they acquired over the years, to provide the best possible value to our clients and optimize their future success. Through to-the-point education with focus on the practical side of investing & trading in digital currencies we gradually transform our students to experts . Under the motto “less is more” we show strategies and techniques that your profile of investor or trader needs.


Even when classes are completed, we provide unprecedented 1-on-1 support so that our customers receive the personalized help they need should any issues arise. Since students are often unnecessarily ashamed about mistakes made, we also give the opportunity outside the community to communicate personally with the mentors. Respect for everyone’s personality is very important to us, as emotions can sometimes get in the way of success.